Yellow 80 Grit 8" x 5/16" x 1-1/4" Grinding Wheel

Y880114 Yellow 80 Grit 8″ x 5/16″ x 1-1/4″ Grinding Wheel


Glide Oil for your last pass

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10 Pc Die Set for FG 1100


10 Pc Die Set for FG 1100

Fleming Gray FG-1100 Riveter

Fleming Gray FG-1100 Riveter One Pager v2

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The FG-1100 is made of forged ductile steal. It is a single piece unit making it the strongest on the market.
It features:
A larger throat and longer dies that make it easier for Rollerblade conversions and working on larger chassis.
The handle and push rods have machined finished brass knobs for style and function (brass doesn’t crack like plastic, or oxidize like aluminum).
Our handle is angled so you don’t hit your knuckles when hammering rivets.

Our FG-1100 comes with a 10 pc die set (the standard in our industry is 7pc). Our riveter includes, clincher, long push out, short push out, concave, large hole support, small hole support, flat head (these are the standard 7), Copper extruder (Concave Push rod), Knock Fleming Gray FG-1100 Riveter One Pager v2out cup, and Pointed Push Rod

Fleming Gray FG-1100 Riveter One Pager v2

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