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The FG-8 machine comes standard with 2 finishing heads and one Cross Grind or Contour wheel.

FG-8 Features:

  • 1/2 HP 110/220 V 3600 RPM direct drive ball bearing motor
  • Sturdy eleven gauge steel cabinet
  • Polished precision ground 7/8” table top
  • Two 9” x 16” x 3 1/2” lined drawers
  • Full width double top shelf with flourescent light
  • Optional Body Balance Contour®
  • 60” x 26” work area
  • Weight: 950 lbs
  • Full cabinet with self-contained Dust Collection unit
  • 5 Year Warranty


Common Features of All Our Skate Sharpeners

  • All our machines come with 5 year warranty.
  • All new machines come with a lifetime subscription to MachineSkan (see below for details) and a 1-year subscription to SkateSkan (QR stickers not included).
  • All our machines come with an FG-5000 Universal Skate holder (it would just be silly to get a machine without a holder, that’s like a brand new car that doesn’t come with car keys).
  • This machine is no different, it comes equipped with a 5 year limited warranty and an FG-5000 universal skate holder (this holder has a $550.00 value and works with children’s, figure skates, goalie skates and regular hockey skates).
  • Financing available on all of these options!


What is variable speed?

Any of our machines can be equipped with an optional variable speed. This will allow you to spin your wheel from 0 – 5000 RPM. This helps to give you a consistent sharpen as your wheel size decreases so does your surface feet per minute. By increasing the RPM you can maintain the same surface feet per minute. Allowing your wheel to continue to operate with the same consistency

Optional upgrade to a variable speed motor and drive. The benefits to a variable speed is to extend the life of the wheel/diamond and continue with a consistent sharpen. It allows you to increase the speed to maintain the same surface feet per minute as the wheel decreases in size. This variable speed is infinitely variable from 0 – 5500 rpm. The formula for figuring this out is: diameter (in) x RPM = SFPM or diameter (in) x SFPM = RPM

The other benefit to a variable speed is if there is a hum or harmonic in the wheel you can adjust the speed to remove that issue.


MachineSkan & SkateSkan

MachineSkan, this is a free software service that works with SkateSkan or independently. It keeps track of how often you’re changing your wheels, diamonds and filters on your heads, it helps with maintenance and cost of sharpening. This is also a great tool if you’re worried you’re going through wheels too often or if one isn’t performing the way it should. We can diagnose the problem and offer better solutions to make sure you’re getting the best use and value out of your machine.

All new machines come with a year of SkateSkan it comes with one year free, which enables you to keep track of all of your customer’s skates. Learn more about SkateSkan.


What sets us apart from our competitors:

Aside from the above, MDF is a family owned business and we have the ability to customize your machine because it’s built to suit you and your needs. We also strive to make skate sharpening cost effective. We have the lowest prices on our grinding wheels, filters, parts and service without compromising on our quality or customer service.

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FG Model

FG-8, FG-8-10, FG-8XL, FG8-VV

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